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Why Residential Customers Adore Ziptrak Blinds

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In 2019 there is a need to invest in products that will offer a range of benefits beyond the obvious.

One of the brands that are rising to that challenge is Ziptrak blinds, issuing household items for indoor and outdoor settings that are designed to last and insulate environments that can be inundated by extreme weather conditions.

Shoppers in this market are spoiled for choice when it comes to the style, design and texture of these models.

From sleek black or white blinds to cool beige panels that integrate well within the surrounding household décor, there is often a preference for style over substance.

Ziptrak manages to provide a balance between both of those markers, offering a variety in design choice and colour with a strength and flexibility that cannot be matched.


User-Friendly Design

Homeowners and residents alike want a blind that can be opened, closed and shifted without having to read an instruction manual. In the heat of the summer, all we want is something that can flip open and shut without overthinking how an item works. This is one of the central reasons why Ziptrak blinds were invented in South Australia in the first place, providing a user-friendly design that can be operated by mums, dads, kids, grandparents and visitors. Residents can go looking for any number of brands for their blinds to cover the living room or bedroom, but there is no guarantee they will be equally friendly to the user as a design, often preferencing and prioritizing the aesthetics and the texture over the actual usability of the product.


Less Susceptible to Wind Damage

With a strong cordura tape known as the Kedar holding the Ziptrak blinds together with welded fabric, this is an item that does not bend and break like inferior products in this market happen to suffer from. Often this tape has a tenancy to slip, stick and jam when placed under pressure from high winds that can filter through an open window. When that window is finally closed, the blind can be irreparably damaged beyond repair. This system withstands that pressure to maintains its condition, holding tight when there is an external force of pressure being exerted.


Yearly Weather Protection

A subsequent benefit that can be found with this strong material from Ziptrak blinds is the annual weather protection that can be sourced. Whether it is the extreme heat of the summer and the need to block out those harmful UV rays, or trapping in heat during those cold winter months when temperature control is paramount, this is a product that meets that challenge head-on. Residential clients require an investment that is not too flimsy or transparent, helping to support insulted air conditioning systems that require assistance from these items.


Easy Upgrades

The Kedar option has already been outlined for those that take that option with their Ziptrak blinds, but the good news for local residents who want a different product is that they are readily available. They can even be switched after the initial purchase to upgrade from the old model to the new one. Compatibility can be sourced through spring balance locks or a motor, empowering the homeowner to modify their investment according to what they have available at home.


Affordability and Variety in Prices

From large scale outdoor awnings to living room enclosures that require coverage and protection, there are Ziptrak blinds that are suitable to most household budgets in Australia. This can ensure that a majority of homeowners are not shut out at the entry level and can enjoy the basic benefits of the product and the design indoors or outdoors. When clients consult with the Ziptrak retailer, there can be discussions about delivery and installation that can cut down on unnecessary costs to keep the family budget in mind.


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