What Do Blockchain Technology Companies Do?

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The world has been busy talking about blockchain technology companies and cryptocurrency for the past couple of years. The innovative services that these businesses can provide are taking the world by storm and revolutionizing how we will be able to do business in the future.

While these organisation have a lot to offer, many people don’t actually know what they do and how it can help them. This is a huge loss for the future of businesses as they are missing out on something that is simply revolutionary. Below we are going to explore what blockchain technology companies do and how it can help businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What is it and how does it work?

Before we dive head first into what blockchain technology companies we should know what they actually do and how it works. To summarize what this innovation does, it essentially is an online ledger that contains all of the economic transactions for a particular service or product. While it was originally designed in 2008 as a ledger for Bitcoin, it can now be programmed to record pretty much anything has value.

These ledgers are hosted on a network where anyone with an internet connection can view the records. The records are protected by cryptography which means the entries can’t be corrupted, altered or deleted in any manner.

To understand how they work you can picture the innovation as a spreadsheet that is copied thousands of times across a giant network of computers. The network is designed in a way that updates this spreadsheet regularly so that each person can view the most current version on their own computer.

While the data on the network is continuously updated it is also shared amongst all devices that can view it. Which means that there is no single location for the storage of the ledger so the records are truly public and can verified with ease. Another benefit of having the storage method like this is that anyone with a computer can view the entries and is safe from being corrupted or hacked.

So what do blockchain technology companies actually do?

So with all of that in mind you may be wondering what blockchain technology companies do and how it can benefit your business. Below are some examples of how blockchain technology companies do business and what they can offer.


A very popular model that these businesses run is to create their own line of tokens or invest in others. Cryptocurrency is an online currency that can be bought from anyone in the world and is subject the market change. Many of these businesses will hold a large about of tokens from other brands or issue their own and try invest time to increase their value. Once they reach a considerable amount per token they then look at selling them to speculators.

Tailored problem solving services

Blockchain technology companies are very qualified when it comes to analyzing a problem and coming up with a solution to fix it with their own innovations. You may have a transactional history problem that needs addressing and that’s where these companies would step in. They will create a custom service to address your issue in the best way possible. Businesses that offer these services already include Gem, IBM and Deloitte.


One of if not the most popular way that blockchain technology companies do business is through the sale of their software. They have created their own custom software that aims to address a gap in the market and where it can help your business immensely. It may cost you a few to use their infrastructure but you will have a lifetime customer service guarantee.

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