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Sydney Wedding Photography: 6 Styles You Need to Know

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If you are planning on tying the knot, you have probably thought about hiring a Sydney wedding photography expert. Capturing the beauty of your special day on camera ensures that you will have memories to enjoy for decades to come.

It is important to choose an artist whose work you truly love. Each artist will have their own unique style, so it is essential that you have a think about what you want your images to look like before you hire someone.

First consider whether you want your images to be shot digitally or on film. Digital is the most common method as it offers great low-light resolution and the images are ready virtually immediately. However, film offers a soft, vintage, organic look that can make your images truly stand out. It is worth noting that film takes longer to develop and therefore may be more expensive.

Here are 6 of the most popular Sydney wedding photography styles to choose from:

Fine art

In an age where the internet is overflowing, hiring a Sydney wedding photography expert has become more desirable because of the unique, artistic images that showcase a couple’s individuality. The fine art style typically uses creative stylisation and framing, image manipulation and natural lighting (ironically), as well as epic backgrounds. The result is an atmospheric yet gentle and powerful series of images.


If you want your images to truly tell a story, the documentary style is a great Sydney wedding photography option. It combines elements of the traditional style with a journalistic style, taking a more relaxed approach to the shoot. It captures totally candid moments, with the artist following the action without giving direction or styling anything. In a way, the artist is “invisible”, simply watching and waiting for a beautiful moment. As a result, they can capture more genuine emotions and you can enjoy more memorable moments without having to worry about posing for another group shot every two seconds. The Sydney wedding photography expert may use image retouching software in order to make the images “pop”.


This Sydney wedding photography style focuses on the appeal of the clothing, jewellery and accessories being worn, rather than the people themselves. It involves styling, direction and high-end image retouching. It is typically used for commercial purposes, though you are welcome to use it for your own personal use! The result is an artistic, dramatic and stylish look full of glamour.


A lifestyle shoot uses elements of the documentary style in order to get a candid look, but adds a bit of styling and direction to give the image an arty feel. An example might be finding a unique backdrop and requesting the couple to walk past it. This gives it a relaxed and approachable feel whilst also being eye-catching. This Sydney wedding photography style is a great choice for people who want to capture genuine emotions and natural moments.


The classic (or traditional) style is one that you will typically find in your grandparent’s marriage album; it is elegant, bold and formal. It typically consists of posed group shots and is a mix of both stylised and realistic. The shoot is typically planned out in advance and will feature an element of the artist’s style. The downside is that the images risk being quite similar to each other.


The dramatic style is similar to the classic style but typically differs in its use of artificial lighting to create dramatic lighting situations and moods. It may use black and white images to create a bold effect.

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