Story of a Toy on the Good Ship Blacktown Removals

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Greetings folks, my name is Baz and here is the epic tale of the Good Ship Blacktown removals. Us toys love a muck about in the house when no-one’s watching, inventing all sorts of games and having a laugh. My mate Woodo particularly has a whale of a time on the rocking horse in the kid’s nursery. Any chance he got he’d be up there riding away. One day however, it nearly cost him.

Woodo was galloping along as usual when I noticed a large truck pull up outside the house. I’m not sure who these visitors were but I could make out the words Blacktown Removals written on the side of the big well-equipped vehicle. Now, we had noticed some changes in the house, things were a bit barer, it looked very tiday, some items had been packed away in boxes. Well this day some men got out of the truck and that’s where things got interesting.

They stormed the house! Eight big strong men from the Blacktown removals nation came in and took everything. They started in the kitchen and carefully and precisely dismantled the white goods – dishwasher disconnected from the mains and pulled out from the wall with such ease, no damage no scratches, these men were professionals. The same happened with the fridge freezer, they wrapped it up carefully in protective packaging and took special care of the delicate parts like the element. The goods were brought outside, and they were back inside like a flash, I couldn’t get over how quickly Blacktown Removals moved.


Next, they came to the living room, I thought the piano would slow them down but no, it seems the envoys from Blacktown Removals were experienced in removing all sorts of furniture in all shapes and sizes. Next, they went to the bedrooms and I caught a glimpse of their secret weapons – portarobes! They simply transferred the hanging garments to a portable wardrobe and left the old built in wardrobe. You could tell these guys were experts in their field – they even went in and managed to transfer the pet snake Forky with no hassle, he didn’t even bat an eyelid.

The rest of us toys were packed in a box, but Woodo stayed with the rocking horse and we were separated, in the precision of the operation all I noticed as we were brought outside was an invoice left on the counter, it laid out the whole operation in perfect detail, everything accounted for and even had the prices paid for each move, no hidden charges – whoever had employed Blacktown Removals knew their stuff.


Aboard the Blacktown Removals truck I barely noticed we were moving because the journey was so smooth and stealthy. I peeked out from our box and got a huge sigh of relief, at the far end I saw Woodo and the rocking horse. He called out to me ‘I’m coming Baz’, but just then the door opened and the men were back, they grabbed various items and brought them outside to a place named safe storage facility….

I was distraught. We eventually stopped, and the Blacktown Removals men removed us also, I opened our box and were in a house. It looked the same as our old place but bigger, all the furniture was there, unpacked, unpackaged but the walls and floors were different. I was so relieved until I remembered Woodo. But before you knew it there was a knock on the door, our family appeared from inside the house and answered, it was the Blacktown removals men again! They were in constant contact and guess what? They had Woodo and the horse! “We brought it from storage miss, no problem at all, no hidden charges, happy to help. We’re running off to help a company change their office now, thanks”. I gave Woodo a wry smile, it all turned out ok.


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