Risks Companies Take When Missing Out On Workplace Flu Shots

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Workplace flu shots are simple and straightforward exercises that protects individuals working in medium to large business environments.

However, not every company believes this is a program worthy of their time.

What risks do they take when missing out on these initiatives?

Let us outline them right here.


No Control Over The Process

The most obvious risk that is taken for businesses that overlook the need to book workplace flu shots is that they are no longer in control of the process. Influenza strains require a very specific inoculation in order to be effective and by sending employees out to source their own injection with a random provider, there is zero accounting for their capacity to engage a reliable practitioner. With time pressures evident and a lack of care or understanding shown by an employer, who is not to say how many members of a department avoid the exercise all together? Before long this missed injection has seen the symptoms spread and that initial lack of control has now spiraled into damage control.


Lost Revenue

Workplace flu shots cost money to run the program, but when that figure is weighed against a rising rate of absenteeism, the investment becomes a sound choice to make for managers and executives. Full-time corporate employees have to be paid under contract given their allocated sick time and if they are unavailable for an extended period of time then there is no recourse to recoup that revenue.


Lost Expertise

Studies that have examined the effectiveness of workplace flu shots have returned findings that should be sobering reading for organisations that avoid these programs. No less than 25-35% of the workforce is improved as absenteeism is cut down in the process. By taking out approximately one in three professionals from the office or the worksite on any given day is lost expertise that cannot be accounted for. Whether it is strategic decision-making, on-the-ground skills for manufacturing, customer care or formulating documents to assistance with a variety of daily tasks, this is where mistakes and errors can be made. During these autumn and winter months where businesses are expected to excel, that fall in standards and lack of manpower can really impact the bottom line.


Threatens Safety of Workers

A standard virus will see an employee infected for approximately 3-5 working days, but given the rate of change with these strains there is nothing to suggest that individuals cannot be affected for longer periods. Workplace flu shots offer safety for citizens as the inoculation usually takes up to 48 hours to come into full effect. The fact is there are some people who have preexisting conditions where the threat of fever, muscle pains, headaches and coughing can lead to life-threatening ailments. By calling on a team of specialists to come on site and inject the staff, the safety of the workforce is maintained.


Showcasing Poor Business Practice

It reflects poorly on the brand and the organisation when there is a lack of engagement for workplace flu shots when a business is comprised of dozens, hundreds or thousands of people. These folk are the driving force behind company performance and when an enterprise is more focused on daily performance and hitting short-term metrics than the health and wellbeing of their people, that illustrates how much of a priority greed and achieving business targets matters more to them. Organisations will always seek to market themselves as a conscious and healthy operation to entice investors and clients, so what better way to walk the walk than using these medical practices?



There is no better example of a business taking proactive action than booking professional workplace flu shots for a scheduled appointment. Their footprint on a regular day is minimal and aside from some time to gauge the effects and running through a documented report on the exercise, the company can proceed as per normal. In an ideal world no manager wants to reserve valuable time for the sake of injections, but this is a world where there are tangible risks and threats. Inoculating workers against influenza strains simply makes sense.


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