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Who are we?
At Pasta Italia we are a family of Italian cuisine enthusiasts and experts who have strived to realise a simple desire to serve high quality food that brings people together.
The combination of passions from Deni and Josie Rapattoni, our restaurant is focused on delivering an authentic experience of Italian dining.

The drive of our business is focused around a simple slogan; “life is too short for pad pasta”. We know in the busy lives of Sydney dwellers that few people want to take risks when eating out.
Our focus on a refined and authentic experience of the cuisine has made us a standout destination for Italian food in Liverpool.

Why people love us?
Our reputation for incredible dining experiences comes from a philosophy behind food service that is customer oriented. This philosophy is aided by the fact that Italian cuisine is deeply seated in community, family and conversation making.
Our chefs are proud to deliver the best possible version of classic dishes that leave customers craving more.
By focusing on perfecting the authentic methods of traditional cooking our menu has gathered a cult following from food lovers far and wide.
The worldwide fame and wide appeal of this cuisine is something that we have sought to perfect in an Australian context. We want customers to see Pasta Italia as the providing the most authentic versions of Italy’s cultural dishes.
Our use of fresh seasonal ingredients and on-premises preparation of every element of our dishes is just one part of the authenticity we strive for. We take no shortcuts when it comes to replicating the joy of this cuisine in Sydney for everyone to enjoy.
Our pasta is packed with flavour that is perfectly complimented by many other ingredients. As the name implies, pasta is our focus although we have spared no expense in providing a wide range of other dishes.
Simply explaining the sensational food we created will never adequately do it justice, the only way to know for sure is to come down an experience it in the flesh. We know that after a few bites you’ll realise what all the fuss is about.

What our diners can expect?
Our primary intention is for our customers to enter as strangers but leave as friends. This reflects the heart of not only our service but the soul behind Italy’s cuisine.
The dining experience is always more than just the quality of the food itself. Everything from the décor to the ambient sounds and music all have their own subtle roles to play.
We believe that by perfecting the non-culinary elements of our business we are able to satisfy even more customers than with just the food alone.
The environment that a customer will walk into at our establishment is an exciting blend of modern and traditional decorative elements. Our goal has been to create a space that feels modern without sacrificing the warm and rustic charm of a traditional restaurant.
These elements work to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for our diners. Whether the group is of adult friends or a family gathering with diners young and old there’s a table perfect for them.

Our staff
The quality of our dishes and of the interior design must always be supported by a dedicated team of professional staff members.
Everyone has understanding, or knows someone who has experienced a dreadful restaurant occasion simply because of disinterested, lazy and rude staff service.
Knowing this, Pasta Italia has strived to maintain a team of waiters and chefs who see this work as more than just a job. The vision of our founders needs to be clearly understood by our team for them to be effective.
The simple dedication to prompt and meaningful customer service is what makes the difference when ensuring our customers feel comfortable. Feeling as though you were well taken care of is just as important as enjoying the meal in front of you.

From beginning to end you’ll be served with a smile from staff who sincerely want to make sure you enjoy yourself.
No matter how busy we get, our staff never compromise on the quality of work they carry out. Our reputation relies not only on the food we deliver but on the diligence in how we deliver it.
To work with us, our crew must understand the underlying expectations of our customers and actively exceed them at every opportunity.

The authenticity of the Italian dining experience we want to create goes beyond just the meal but into every element of the customers’ journey from beginning to end.
That’s why when it comes to Italian food in Liverpool it’s hard to find a team more dedicated than that of Pasta Italia.

Our range of authentic Italian meals
Our menu is a robust offering of incredible Italian dished both old and new. The wide variety of options available is designed demonstrate the wide range of choices that this cuisine offers.
Every element of our cooking is given equal attention. Our pastas, pizzas, scallopine, sides and kids dishes are all present on the menu for very good reasons.
Our dishes are each carefully prepared to offer a delicious combination of creamy flavours that will keep our customers coming back for more.

Every last bite is meant to be a savoured experience that makes even the fastest eaters slow down to enjoy every moment.

You might be keen to go with the classic linguine chicken boscaiolaor maybe experiment with thefettuccine al tonno oreven then papardelle lamb ragu.Shortly after you begin eating you’ll realise just how seriously we take our pastas.

If the authentic Italian pastas aren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know just how diverse our range of pizzas are. Each 13” pizza is handmade following traditional methods of the homeland resulting in the classic thin, crispy and topping laden servings Italy is famous for.
You might consider ordering a classic margheritaor chicken pesto. You could even go with our spicy calabrese or piccantepizzas.

A staple of Italian home cooking, our scallopine is another popular serving on our menu. With the delicious choices of chicken or veal it’s sure to be a hit at the table.
Not forgetting the younger diners, our kids menu features classic favourites like spaghetti, schnitzel and calamari rings among others. No child will be left fussing once they dig into their meal.
We have a generous range of options perfect for vegetarians included in all categories of our menu. Those who require gluten free pasta can easily switch for a small additional fee. This makes us perfect for any variety of diners as we have a menu option suitable for just about anyone.

Not forgetting the wine enthusiasts out there, we have a great selection of bottles that go perfectly with all of our dishes.

After eating, why not check out our coffees and deserts? Ask any of our staff what special they have on offer and end your meal with a decadent treat.
Our founder and inspiration
Our founder DeniRapattoni grew up around Italian home cooking and naturally understood its cultural significance. Deni experienced first-hand how this world renowned cuisine had transcended through generations of simple family meals.

Deni knew that the magic of this cuisine was not only in how highly palatable it is but the way in which it invited conversation and togetherness.
In a world steeped in consumeri
sm that made eating out a quick, somewhat soulless experience, Deni was determined to offer something different. By focusing on replicating the authenticity of his childhood dining experiences Deni was set on a path that would create Pasta Italia.

Modern manufacturing techniques combined with the careful use of traditional cooking methods means that Deni could take this idea and bring it to a competitive level.

As Australia’s only pasta creator to win the champions ribbon at the Royal Easter Show for 3 years in a row, Deni was quickly invited to join the judging panel in 2012.
Now known as an Italian culinary expert, Deni has enjoyed exposure on TV, radio and in magazines around Australia.

Come dine with us
The service we have strived to create is a reflection of the signature experience Italian cuisine offers all around the world. We have achieved the goal of translating this signature experience into an Australian context that captures the authenticity of its origins.
Everything from our food, interior design and staff service has been designed to give people an incredible meal that will leave them eager to return.
The hard work we have put in to our restaurant is rewarded by a loyal customer base that returns and recommends us time and time again.
We are eager to meet new customers and expose them to the dining experience we are proud of. We encourage everyone to bring loved ones, friends, relatives and colleagues to enjoy our food no matter the occasion.
When it comes to Italian food in Liverpool it’s hard to look past the reputation for excellence that we have earned here at Pasta Italia.

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