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Need help finding a self managed super fund accountant? We’ve got the information to help you

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Chances are if you are looking for a self managed super fund accountant that you know what these type retirement plans are. However many people tend to overlook the benefits of these types of savings due to them not being fully educated in the subject. These types of trusts differ from their regular counterparts as members can also be trustees of the fund. Additionally SMSFs can have up to four members where the trustees have significant control over the fund where they can adjust it to meet their individual needs.

The main purpose for a SMSF is to provide financial support to retired members and their beneficiaries once they pass. These funds have their own Australian Business Number and Tax File Number which allows them to be able to receive contributions, invest and pay out pensions.

So will all the different transactions going in and out of these accounts it’s handy to have someone keep track of it all for you. That’s self managed super fund accountants come in, they are able to provide assistance with running your fund while also letting you have control.

Due to the popularity of SMSFs, self managed super fund accountants are all over the place which can make it difficult to find the right candidate for you. Below we are going to explore ways to help you find the self managed super fund accountant that is right for you.


Get yourself a list of candidates

This first thing you want to do when you are looking for any professional in the service industry is to do some research and get a list of potential candidates. This may involve you delving into different websites and social media pages in order for you to get multiple sources. Social media channels are great avenues to get recommendations from as you can see firsthand how the self managed super fund accountant interacts with their customers.

Another effective source to get potential candidates is to ask for recommendations from your family and friends. If they themselves have SMSFs they more than likely also use a self managed super fund accountant as well. Asking for their experience with their financial aid allows you to get an insight into what services they provide. Additionally you will be able to compare your fund with that of your family and friends to see where they are similar and where they differ. The differences and similarities will be what determines if you choose the same service as them.




Speak with your candidates

After you have gathered a list of candidates your next step should be to speak with them individually. This sit down scenario allows you to explain the details of your fund to the self managed super fund accountant and lay down what you need from them. If you don’t end up going with their services either because your needs are different to what they specialize in, they will be more than happy to point you in the direction of other professionals that will be able to satisfy your needs.

When you are speaking with your potential self managed super fund accountant, you should also be asking questions about them. Some useful questions to ask are:

  • How long have you been accounting for?
  • What is your experience with SMSFs like?
  • Have you dealt with any funds that are similar to mine?
  • What strategy do you like to adopt to deal with funds like mine?
  • What is your pricing strategy?

These questions are aimed at weeding out your candidates to find the candidate that is right for you. After your interviews you should have a better understanding at which professionals you could see yourself working with for an extended period of time.


Making your decision

Your decision of the self managed super fund accountant you are going to work with can be a very important one as you will be working with them for many years. You want to be sure that you are all on the same page in order for your fund to reach its full potential.

The self managed super fund accountant that you choose should make you feel comfortable at all times and communicate with you in an effective manner. If they talk to you in accountancy jargon then they are most likely not the right choice. You want to choose someone who is able to communicate with you effectively so that you are up to date and understand the status of your fund at all times. Having someone talk at you with terms that you don’t understand won’t benefit you in anyway and will hinder the relationship with your self managed super fund accountant and the progress of your fund.

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