Movies and its impact on society

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Movies have become such an inseparable part of our lives, that it is tough to imagine a world without this form of entertainment. Of course, with the advent of newer technology, the number of theater goers has reduced drastically, but the number of movie viewers has sky rocketed. The movie industry is booming and shows no signs of relenting. The reason why movies are so ardently revered is because; they open a window of innumerable possibilities for its viewers. It lets you escape into a world which is far from the daily realities of life.

The Positive Impact of Movies on Society

Gives a Reality Check
Certain movies play positive roles as well, and not all movies are bad. It however depends completely on the subject matter of the movie. Some movies try to create awareness about the socioeconomic and political state of affairs of nations. It spreads awareness about the evils of drug abuse, alcoholism, HIV, and the evils of having many sexual partners. Movies create awareness about the importance of education, medicine, art and politics. It also brings us to understand more about the depravity of the homeless, and the plight of underdeveloped countries, and countries stigmatized by years of war. All these movie genres help awaken our sense of responsibly and empathy towards such situations. These socially enlightening movies help us realize the message which was being conveyed. It influences our thought process in a positive way and helps us try to do our bit in order to be of some help to humanity. While the number of people who actually do something is doubtful, there have been cases where people have taken up animal protection and human right activities after being moved by a movie they watched.

Induces Creativity
Movies help boost our imagination. We think about the things we saw and then we take our imagination a little further and visualize. This is one of the reasons why the animation industry is gaining more and more enthusiastic entrants, who wish to learn the tricks of the trade. Even young aspiring actors and movie makers are desirous of joining the movie industry, simply because they too will get to explore new horizons of their creativity and produce something new and awe-inspiring.

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