Looking for an Office Cleaner in Sydney to Tidy Up Your Business

Looking for an Office Cleaner in Sydney to Tidy Up Your Business?

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Are you looking for locally owned and operated cleaning services for your Sydney office space?

First impressions are lasting impressions, so whether it is your staff starting work first thing in the morning, your first customer through the door for the day, or the final inspection before you vacate the premises, there are a range of services that office cleaners can offer to keep your Sydney workspace sparkling.

Comprehensive daily clean including site reports-

If your workplace is a busy workplace the chances are it will need a comprehensive clean by days end. Workstations, floors, hard surfaces, bathrooms, foyers and meal areas are just some of the spots that require daily cleaning as part of a busy office. Ensure your staff and your clients are kept happy and your place of business kept presentable with regular comprehensive cleaning. And the best way to do this is by having your office cleaner in Sydney work to a set checklist and provide you with data off a daily site report. If your cleaner is not offering or able to adhere to this procedure, then it is time you look at engaging one who can.

Restocking and maintaining inventory of consumables-

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As part of a comprehensive office cleaner service in Sydney, your cleaners should be able to restock all consumables from tea, coffee, to toiletries on a daily basis as well as keep an inventory on these items as well their required cleaning products as they use them.

Window Cleaning-

Whilst glass panels of entry ways will need cleaning on a daily basis, internal windows should also be done as part of regular office clean. And whilst your internal windows won’t collect as much dirt and dust as external windows, the effect of dirty glass will have the same impact on your clients whether it is inside or outside of the building. Be certain that your cleaning contractor can provide a regular window cleaning service so the view of your office over Sydney is kept sparkling clean at all times.

Industry standard cleaning of food preparation areas-

Does your office space include a food preparation area that you use for entertaining clients? There are very stringent rules and regulations in relation to work health and safety as to how these areas need to be cleaned. Make sure your office cleaner is familiar with the regulations in order to keep your staff and clients safe and healthy.

End of lease and bond return cleans-

If or when the time comes to relocate your office space to another area of Sydney or interstate, office cleaners can offer a comprehensive end of lease clean that will maximise your chances of receiving all of your bond money back. As anyone knows who has leased an office space, bonds can be quite large amounts of dead money that your business is forced to outlay in order to secure a commercial space. By engaging a professional office cleaner, you can ensure you get your bond back in full and put it to better use for your company.

Clear and concise communication-

Office cleaners in Sydney generally work in timeframes outside of regular business hours, that being whilst the office is closed for business, in order to attend to their tasks properly. This can often make them hard to track down and contact during the day. Be sure your office cleaning contractor offers an effective mode of communication where you can discuss issues or raise requests for additional tasks.

Sydney is a tough business market, so ensure your business has the edge by keeping a clean and tidy workplace and engaging a professional office cleaner.

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