Life at desert regions

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The main occupation of the people in desert is agriculture and animal husbandry. Due to difficult farming conditions, animal husbandry is more popular. The living standard of the people in the desert is low. They have to face water scarcity and difficult climate. However, they possess a rich culture and heritage. Folk songs and folk poetry are widely popular amongst the people

The Bedouin are scattered across the huge desert area of the Arabian Peninsula and are famous for their nomadic and wandering lifestyle, moving either frequently or seasonally, and earning a living by working as stockbreeders, transporters or tradesmen. They mostly occupy the less fierce coastal plains, though they can withstand the hostile environment of the interiors of the desert. An essential feature of their tradition includes the Bedouins tent, their dwelling since the beginning of time. Though its design may have been altered due to the various trends and geographical features across the desert, nevertheless some essential features remain the same. The tent needs to be flexible and it must be lightweight. The importance of the owner, or the size of the family, determines the size of the tent. Woven from the hair of domesticated sheep and goats, a black tent, known as beit al-shaR or the house of hair is used extensively across the desert. The tent is streaked with brown and black, as the natural color of the animals are retained. It is about 10-15 degree cooler inside the tent than outside, as the tent cloth is woven loosely to allow the heat to escape. During the rainy season, the swelling of the yarn prevents holes and leaks. Men and women’s section is divided by a brightly-colored curtain and the women’s section is the larger of the two; the food, cooking utensils are stored here. The men aren’t allowed inside the women’s section.

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