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Latest Trends to Watch Out For in 3PL Sydney

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Third-party logistics (3PL) is an ever-evolving field with so much more room to grow and change. It is no surprise that we are seeing a massive increase in the pace with which that change is happening in recent years. As someone working in the 3PL Sydney industry or even as a business owner, there are some 3PL trends that we need to know about. This is no longer just to stay informed as many of the latest trends are changing the game so being adaptive towards them is important to survive. Here are some of the top trends that are affecting the 3PL Sydney industry massively these days.

What is Amazon Seller Diversification?

We all know how the coronavirus pandemic completely changed the way we look at logistics. While many businesses suffered during this period, the largest online retail service provider Amazon had a completely different challenge at hand. Having to prioritize the inbound receipt of medical supplies, many sellers in this market faced major shipment delays. This caused many of them to opt for third-party solutions. The reshuffling of logistics has opened a brand-new market segment that 3PL Sydney providers can take huge advantage of. Working to find sellers who want alternative fulfillment options should be a big priority for 3PL providers.

Are You Ready for the Analytics Era?

There is a massive shift in the e-commerce industry towards data-driven solutions and decision-making. That means retailers are now going to look at statistical data before making decisions about every aspect of their business. That also includes 3PL and any 3PL Sydney company that wants to win new clients now needs to bring in that edge by sharing analytical data to clients that convince them of your prowess and ability to deliver. A recent study even showed that more than 90% of shippers now give analytics a huge importance in ensuring business success.

Why is the Last Mile So Important?

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There was already so much emphasis on the importance of last-mile delivery in recent years, but Covid turned up the heat to 11 on this aspect of logistics. Customers are giving much more importance to this last step and doing it right is what could make or even break a 3PL Sydney business. Looking after customer interests at this crucial step is therefore extremely important and the chances of that trend going down does not seem to be a possibility in the foreseeable future. In fact, it is this step that could provide 3PL providers with loyal customers who will stick around long after the pandemic has ended.

Is Environment Friendliness the New Hype Factor?

As much as companies love to use green solutions to boost their sales, the basic concept behind it is certainly catching up to every industry, including 3PL Sydney. Customers are now actively looking for companies that provide environment-friendly services and opting for them as their courier or choice or logistic business partners. Practices like the use of optimized routes, better supply chain management, and the use of environment-friendly vehicles are all playing a huge role in attracting new business for 3PL companies. Drones are also becoming more and more popular but the incomplete legal framework behind them means it may be a few years before we see them in active duty.

Being a trendsetter is a key requirement for any 3PL Sydney company that wants to win at their game. The trends mentioned above are going to play a big role in that success, so be sure to prepare yourself for them at the earliest. Is there any other trend that you think will have an immediate impact on 3PL?

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