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Key Questions That Customers Can Ask When Visiting Their Local Furniture Store in Sydney

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City residents and visitors alike should feel comfortable and open to question a furniture store such as Woodbury House Furniture for their policies and positions on various logistics.

The less information that shoppers know about their business, the less informed they will be when obtaining certain goods for their home or office.

It is advised to source a friendly and transparent service representative and fire off the most pertinent questions that come to mind, perhaps requesting additional conversations via phone or email where necessary.

Let us outline what those questions will should like.


“How Was The Design Created?”

The manufacturing process will be unique depending on how the local furniture store in Sydney operates. Some of these outlets will outsource key departments where metals and woods are imported and crafted for specified use, whilst others will be designed with a local affiliate partner in close quarters. The inclusion of cleaners, adhesives, sealants and coatings that can either be toxic or non-toxic should be information that is disclosed for customers, allowing them to get a gauge on safety and durability. Shoppers are regularly seeking items that can match quality and luxury with practicality so the more that is known about the manufacturing process – the better.


“Can Items Be Customised And What Are Those Costs?”

A standard furniture store in Sydney will take one of two positions on customized items where they will be part of the catalogue or none whatsoever. There will be outlets who use a customized service, seeing chairs, lounges, coffee tables, pillows and cupboards altered to suit the needs of the customer. If this is a policy they embrace, it is important to ask the sales representative about their pricing and how much this request will set them back financially. Related products that are not on the saleroom floor could be imported with the inclusion of a waiting period if that is deemed the more affordable option.


“What Are The Delivery Specifications?”

There will be certain items that customers purchase from their local furniture store in Sydney that simply won’t fit inside their vehicle and it has to be booked in for shipping via a courier. Depending on the business model they will either have their own delivery team ready and on hand or they will outsource this task. Whatever the case may be, customers should be informed about this practice and what the waiting times will be and how they can enter and exit the premises appropriately.


“Is This The Best Price Available In The Sydney Market?”

Shoppers can really put a furniture store in Sydney to the test by asking them one very simple and direct question about price. The good news is that their response can be easily verified by showing them a price listing on a mobile phone from a nearby Sydney outlet. Some stores will have a policy where they will want to match a lower price if it is seen as a legitimate policy, whilst they are not willing or in a position to do so for private sellers. Quiz them about whether or not they can lower a price or if there are similar products that are more suitable to a lower figure.


“Does The Item Come With Warranty Protection?”

Shoppers should hope to secure a comprehensive warranty when they engage a furniture store in Sydney. These products can become incredibly costly for residents and if there is a fault with the manufacturing or an accident has occurred to see a stain, tear, fading or broken compartment on the item, it is important that there are protective measures in place. This could be seen through a replacement with a certain period, store credit or a refund depending on what has taken place.



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