Is Custom Made Furniture Superior to Premade Furniture?

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Homeowners and business managers are always on the lookout for items that will offer residual value to their premises.

When scouring the market for products that can offer quality aesthetics, great comfort and practicality, they will stumble upon two distinct choices: custom made and premade furniture.

There will be outlets that offer a combination of the two with other brands specialising in one form over the other.

As a consumer, it can be a difficult exercise to determine which style best suits the needs of the home or office.

Here we will outline some facts about the custom made editions to help customers decide if it is indeed superior to premade items.


Greater Design Flexibility

Tailoring an item to your own unique specifications is precisely what custom made furniture can offer consumers. From miniature cabinets that can fit neatly into tight spaces to exotic lounges that can span the width of an outdoor patio, there is flexibility for what you want to create. This can match the indoor or outdoor requirements as well, taking into account exposure to extreme heat, cold, humidity or precipitation. Pre made goods cannot be treated like a blank canvas where consumers can get creative, because these are crafted purely for convenience at a cut down price.


Versatility of Market Choice

From high end custom made furniture that can be valued as an investment for decades to come or for small projects that are made to suit an office or home environment, there is more versatility to the market choice. The pre made alternative will be manufactured from particular brands that follow a trend and maintain a stock standard operating model. Consumers in this setting can shop for custom made products anywhere across Australia or overseas to open up a litany of shopping opportunities.


Superior Eye for Detail

Whereas premade furniture carries a particular plastic smell and aesthetic that illustrates a cookie cutter approach to the manufacturing process, custom made furniture allows a unique eye for detail to ensure all of the design requirements are catered for. From having a rustic charm to a neat and polished finish that glistens from an aesthetic point of view, these products are crafted to ensure quality when they are utilised up close or seen from a distance as part of the overall décor makeup. Basic manufacturing will see evidence of the construction with exposed nails and plastic coating, running in complete contradiction to the notion of eye for detail.


Practicality and Functionality

Those shoppers who do source custom made furniture can obtain products that suit their own circumstances and the surrounding environment. From sizes that are slightly too large or too small for a domain to variations in weight and colour often leaves a sour taste for the home or business owner. Furnishing a premises does not necessitate a design or architecture specialist, just a common sense approach and an eye for what fits into a certain environment.


Made To Last

Designers who specialise in custom made furniture do utilise superior materials. This can include pressed wood fibres where the craftsman creates a product that showcases smooth edges and a polished finish to support the upholstery. In a majority of cases these items will last a consumer decades and can be passed down to the next of kin. Premade brands will rip, tear and stain with greater regularity to diminish its value in a much shorter timeframe.



For those that are not so selective and simply need an item that will furnish the home or office, then premade furniture would be a speedier process. However, custom made furniture is simply superior to their premade counterparts on almost every other measurement. From design flexibility to market choice variety, the creator’s eye for detail, practicality, functionality and long-term value proposition, these brands stand tall.


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