Internet and Humans

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Internet is a network of networks that connects millions of Computers to form a network and communicating with each other for sharing resources. You can get information, access data, communicate with others, shop, play games and many more by connecting your Computer through Internet. The World Wide Web or web is a platform with various websites that helps you to access global information over the Internet. A web-browser application is mainly important that helps you to access all the information’s from various websites through Internet. So Internet is everything and needs many things that can help you gather information from worldwide.

Brief History of Internet

Internet has been the main source in different fields like Education, Science, research and others to develop, design and do many other things. It is a tangible entity that relies on physical infrastructure to connect a network other networks. The Internet concept was first coined through networking by J C R Liklider in 1962 which initially termed as Galactic network which was used to interconnect a set of computers for accessing data and programs. Since then DARPA concept came into existence and finally ARPANET where the first host Computer was connected. The ARPANET was used earlier as a networking technology for first electronic mail messaging service. Finally ARPANET became the Internet which works on multiple independent networks with its network architecture design. The packet switching method also introduced between networks that makes data communication from one place to another easy.

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