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Are There Still Brisbane Home Doctor Services?

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Yes. There are still home doctor services available in Brisbane.

Home doctor services have many benefits for everyone from the elderly right through to young families. Here’s just a few reasons why you might consider a Brisbane home doctor.

A regular home doctor visit can keep an elderly or disabled family member out of a nursing home.

Whether your relative or loved one is suffering mobility problems or having mental health problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, along with modern technology such as electronic monitoring, regular scheduled home doctor visits can keep your loved ones in the comfort of the family home longer and surrounded by loved ones in what is a difficult stage of their life.

Continuity that comes with seeing the same Medical Practitioner on a regular basis.

By scheduling with a regular Brisbane home doctor, you can assure you are being seen to by the same doctor for your ongoing care as opposed to getting shuffled around between practitioners at a medical clinic. Continuity in your treatment plan has a myriad of obvious benefits and can only be a positive in your path to better health.

Reduction of stress and anxiety.

For people with limited transport options, just the thought of relying on public transport to get to a GP when they are ill can cause considerable stress and anxiety. Not to mention the waiting around in waiting rooms if you feel under the weather. A scheduled home doctor visit allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home as you ride out your malady and hopefully expedite your recovery process.

Book a time for your home doctor to visit that suits you.

Time doesn’t stand still just because you are ill. And for many of us we still have daily obligations to fulfill in our busy lives even in spite of sickness or injury. A scheduled home doctor visit at a time that suits you, which can be outside of regular surgery hours, might be the right way for you to get the assistance your need to treat your illness or injury and speed up your recovery process.

Better doctor/patient interaction in a less formal setting.

With a home doctor visit, you have the luxury of meeting with a health professional in the comfort of your Brisbane home. Here you will be free to open up and interact with your practitioner far more freely than you would in a confined surgery where there can be outside distractions and interruptions.

No risk of catching other infections that are present in a doctor’s waiting surgery.

We’ve all been there. Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room listening to everyone cough, wheeze and sniffle amongst other things. If you are sick with one illness, the last thing you want or need is picking up another bug that can send you back to the sick bay just as you are finally getting back on your feet.

No need to drag the whole family along with you.

For parents that are ill, it is difficult enough to continue to attend to their children’s daily needs, especially if you have multiple or young children. Along with the hassle and extra strain it places on your own well-being, there is the added risk of picking up a bug that one of your tribe could inadvertently spread through your family home as well as onto your friends, relatives, neighbours, workplace, or schoolmates.

This is but a selection from the range of benefits Brisbane home doctors can offer you and your family to assist you on the road to recovery and better health.

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