A Guide on Evaluating the Best Printing Services Near Me

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I’m a marketing manager for a small marketing firm in Sydney that specializes in digital marketing and media publications. If you need catalogues, brochures, menus, billboards, out-of-home advertisements or signage, then our type of company can help with the designs. However, when it comes time to publication, you need a company that specializes in large-scale runs. You probably need an effective provider of printing services, but you’re unsure as to what sort of things you need to be looking for in a business of this type. So, let’s take a look at what you should be looking for and the various tasks they can provide.



If I was considering printing services near me, I would definitely be looking into the business’ reputation and the relative levels of positive word of mouth. Having said this, don’t fall into the trap of just looking through the testimonials on their website or online reviews; many firms actually monitor their reviews and will upload fake positive reviews to build their positive online presence. Instead, I would ask my family, friends or business associates as to what they thought of the printing services near me. Perhaps they might have some valuable information or a particularly bad experience from a specific provider. It’s important to understand who you are getting involved with professionally in order to successfully evaluate whether trust can be built.



Variety of offerings

If I was in need of printing services near me, I would be looking at the company’s breadth of offerings. Do they provide something that I need or something that at least aligns with my strategic goals as a manager? If I was in the manufacturing or industrial sector, I’ll need laser machinery. Generic printing services near me may not have the required machinery that is needed for cutting through metals.

Likewise, if I was running a large-scale firm in Sydney’s CBD, there is a good chance I will need business cards for all my employees. This will help create an allure of success and professionalism, particularly in impressing potential clients we meet. As a result, I would be looking for printing services near me that specialize in designing things like business cards.


Check the quality

If I was consulting with businesses in my area, I would definitely ask to see recent samples of work they have provided to other clients. This will ensure that I am hiring a provider that can deliver on the quality I need. Is there smudging or blurring? How clear are the words and/or image? If it were me, don’t go for the cheapest option since they are likely offering the lowest quality; however, make sure you check their samples just in case. As a manager, I don’t want to sacrifice quality for price, since this could have consequences for our brand equity.



Check out their sustainability efforts

At the same time, of all the printing services near me, I am definitely going to consider a business that manages its carbon footprint the most effectively. Aligning with a business that doesn’t seem to care about the environment could, in turn, damage your business. Check their web page or ask in person when you visit their facilities as to whether they have any measures or systems in place to manage their environmental impact. For example, they may only use recycled paper, environmentally-friendly inks or be involved in various environmental protection agencies.



Finally, when considering the various printing services near me, I desire a firm offering high customer satisfaction and ongoing feedback. I want a business that will be honest, open and transparent; one that is able to meet my needs and requirements in a cost-effective manner.


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