5 Multidisciplinary Skills You Can Learn From Engineering Internships

5 Multidisciplinary Skills You Can Learn From Engineering Internships

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In modern society, specialising in one field and focusing all of your knowledge in that particular area is no longer a viable option, that’s why engineering internships and other tertiary courses now provide broader skill sets than ever before. While having to be multidisciplinary does have its downsides, you’ll be able to use the knowledge that you learn across various sectors, which is great for increasing your earning potential. That’s why today we’re highlighting five skills that you can learn in engineering internships that can also be applied to other areas. These skills can be leveraged to start a side hustle, gain a management position within your company and more so it’s a good idea to shine a light on your knowledge in these areas.

Problem Solving Skills

Engineering internships are possibly one of the best places to learn problem solving skills. Although you’re focusing on a particular type of problem, the majority of your training within engineering internships is essentially centred around advanced problem solving so you can expect to finish with high class skills. This is particularly beneficial because you can transfer the solution based mindset that you will cultivate to any industry or passion meaning that you’ll be a step ahead of the game.


Engineering internships

Another important skill that you will learn through engineering internships is professionalism. While the way that you are expected to dress in a trade will obviously differ to what is required in an office environment for example, many professional behaviours carry across all industries and can be applied wherever you may need them. This gives you a significant competitive edge against many others who are fresh out of training as universities do not provide this skill to the same degree.

Project Management

No matter what industry you end up working in, project management skills will be beneficial to your career. Engineering internships set you up well to know your way around organising, and then executing complex projects with limited resources, which is a great ability to be able to showcase at any interview. Projects that you manage during any engineering internships also make for the perfect case study, so don’t forget to add them to your portfolio.


As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. There are very few things in life that you’re going to be able to do entirely on your own and the ability to work well in a team is highly favourable. engineering internships often require students to work closely with both others who are still learning and those who are instructing them.

Communication And Interpersonal Skills

Finally, and possibly most importantly, all good engineering internships will teach you effective communication and interpersonal skills. These aren’t just vital for your career success, but also for life in general, making them an invaluable skill to have. Upon finishing their engineering internships, students will be able to communicate complex topics in a simple form that almost anyone can understand, but they will also establish and build upon multiple social skills that will serve them well throughout their lifetime.

In a world that is constantly evolving, and with the ever present threat of automation in many positions, it is vital that you have a strong, multidisciplinary skill set that can easily be applied no matter where your career or personal life may take you. Engineering internships set students up well to tackle the challenges of everyday life, while also helping them to be better prepared for working both in their selected industry, and others if ever required, making them a great opportunity for anyone who manages to secure one.

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